Welcome to the Salt Lake Grotto.

The Salt Lake Grotto, established Sept. 30, 1952, is a local chapter of the National Speleological Society. It is the largest and oldest grotto in Utah. Our mission is to promote cave conservation, safety, education, and fellowship among cavers. We are based in the Salt Lake valley, but cave everywhere there are caves, and have members all around the state and beyond.


Each grotto in the state has a particular character. The Salt Lake Grotto is more of a vertical grotto, meaning we tend to enjoy a lot of rope work and vertical caving. For that reason, we spend more a lot of time training on Single Rope Techniques, Small Party Assisted Rescue techniques, and we promote and practice cave rescue techniques.


The Salt Lake Grotto meets monthly at various locations for various cave-related events. We don’t have the typical “library meetings,” so to speak. We enjoy using our time together for fun and educational purposes. In warmer months, we often hold our events outside – in the canyons or in parks. In colder months we’ll use indoor locations for our various events and training. We don’t expect our members or guests to attend every event, but we try to make them interesting enough that you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

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Caver Photographing Flowstone