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Smart Energy Week 2022 Spring will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in March!


RX Japan Co., Ltd. will hold the 18th Smart Energy Week Spring at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

Smart Energy Week Spring is one of the world's largest energy exhibitions and will be held for the 18th time this year.

This exhibition brings together the latest products and technologies of renewable energy, which are expected to further expand. A total of 1,100 companies from all over the world will exhibit at seven exhibitions including WIND EXPO, PV EXPO and FC EXPO(Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Exhibition). Decarbonized Management EXPO and Resource Recycling EXPO, where decarbonized solutions for companies will be exhibited, will also be held at the same time, and content that captures the current trends in the world will be gathered.

The energy industry is entering a new phase. In the world, the movement to realize "carbon neutrality", a society in which carbon dioxide emissions, which cause global warming, are virtually 0, and japan has changed its tide at a stretch, starting with then-Prime Minister Kan's declaration of realizing carbon neutrality in October 2020. In the 6th Basic Energy Plan, which was formulated, the principle of putting renewable energy first was raised, and the ratio of renewable energy in the power supply configuration in 2030 was set at 36 to 38%, and the tide of decarbonization extends not only to the energy industry but also to general companies.

Therefore, we will hold "Decarbonization Management EXPO" with an eye on a carbon neutral society as a simultaneous holding of Smart Energy Week Spring. We will exhibit many technologies to support the realization of decarbonization management, such as zero carbon consulting, corporate PPA, renewable energy power, and CO2 emission visualization services.

In addition, keynote speeches on carbon neutral management are attracting attention.
Titled "Global Decarbonization Trends and Carbon Neutral Management," Mr. Ogasawara, Director of Global Warming Countermeasure Division, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, and Mr. Niwa, Managing Director and Partner of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), will talk about advanced initiatives for decarbonization management.

◆ Learn more about Decarbonized Management EXPO >> https://www.decarbonization-expo.jp/ja-jp/lp-vis.html?0214pr

in a three-day total of 200 lectures, key industry, academia, and government speakers will give lectures every day. leading companies in the industry will generously show off their strategies, including a lecture by the international energy agency on "what is necessary to achieve net zero in 2050.". please listen by all means.

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 The 18th Smart Energy Week Spring Overview
Date and Time: March 16th (Wed) -18th (Fri), 2022 10:00-18:00 (18th Friday( 17:00 end)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd. (former company name: Reed Exhibition Japan)

◆ Click here for invitation ticket request (free/ advance application required) >>> https://www.wsew.jp/ja-jp/lp-vis.html?0216pr
* After implementing thorough corona measures, we will hold it as scheduled at Tokyo Big Sight.
* The number of exhibitors and seminar lectures is expected to be final as of February 9, 2022, including concurrent exhibitions, and may increase or decrease at the time of the exhibition. The number of exhibitors includes not only the exhibitors, but also the number of group companies and partners who will jointly exhibit.

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