Adobe Illustrator

  1. Introduction to the Adobe Illustrator Workspace Part I
  2. Introduction to the Adobe Illustrator Workspace Part II
  3. Adobe Illustrator Basic Preferences
  4. Setting up an Adobe Illustrator document
  5. Placing Your Line Plot Scans and Survey Notes
  6. Creating Line Plots and Survey Stations
  7. Drawing Walls
  8. Drawing Underlying Walls
  9. Creating Symbols
  10. Creating Swatch Symbols
  11. Gradient Meshes
  12. Drawing Ledges and Pits
  13. Drawing Ceiling Domes and Ledges
  14. Creating a Solid Fill for Your Cave Part Ia
  15. Creating a Solid Fill for Your Cave Part Ib
  16. Creating a Solid Fill for Your Cave Part II
  17. Working With Text
  18. Working with Labels, Legends, and Other Map Elements
  19. Cave Map Visual Hierarchy
  20. Printing and Exporting and a Few Final Words

Compass Cave Survey Software

Compass is probably the most user friendly cave survey software on the market and can be downloaded off the Compass website free to try and $25 to purchase.

  1. Setting Up Your Cave Files
  2. Georeferencing Your Cave
  3. Entering Cave Data
  4. Adding Additional Surveys to Your Cave File
  5. Generating Statistics and Where to Fix Blunders
  6. Using the Line Plot Cave Viewer
  7. Printing Your Line Plot

Auriga Cave Survey Software

The first five Auriga tutorials were created in an older version of the Auriga software and some changes may have been implemented since their creation. The tutorials should however give you a good foundation for getting started in Auriga. For more information and to download auriga and the conduit go to the Auriga website.

  1. Setting Up a Project
  2. Entering Shot Information
  3. Viewing Your Cave & Sketch to Scale
  4. Cave Networks
  5. Beaming and Conclusion

The following tutorials were generated by Luc LeBlanc, the programmer for the Auriga software:

  1. Auriga 118 Version Overview
  2. Auriga 124 Version Overview
  3. Auriga 2 Version Overview
  4. Auriga 2.03 Grouping Overview